Roly Poly Putt: PC Download

Hey guys! So here's what's going on...We've decided to do an 'Early Access'-styled Roly Poly Putt: PC release, FREE!

(If you're unfamiliar with Roly Poly Putt, I'd start here:
In short: Sonic the Hedgehog meets Super Monkey Ball in a 3D golf/platforming adventure that spans over 36 unique stages. Gameplay is similar to that of mini-golf, except you can manipulate Roly during your stroke - you can move him left and right, have him jump, grab on to ropes, hit springs, and lots of other abilities. Your goal is achieving the lowest amount of strokes while simultaneously collecting the largest sum of sugar cubes. You can use sugar cubes to get special abilities for Roly, new costumes, game features, and (hopefully) a lot more - maybe even entire courses, someday! The game was originally released as a mobile title a few years ago. We felt it was time to do something more with the project, so we've started reworking it into a PC release, incorporating new features and additions exclusive to this version. Roly Poly Putt is fully included with this release....However...

We aren't just releasing the game. We're also releasing all of our development tools, and giving you access to our entire engine. You can create your own stages, game modes, characters, name it!

So what is this engine, really? The Wizard² engine is directional-agnostic, meaning you could create Mario Galaxy-like gameplay if you wanted to, as well as robust 2D, '2.5D' and 3D platformers. Editing is very easy -- anyone who has modded other games like Doom will probably pick it up quite easily...just imagine that, but without the limitations! In a nutshell, it's a very capable engine that is robust enough to power all of our commercial mobile titles, but started its life on PC. It's no longer bound by the restrictions of mobile hardware.

Right now this is largely just a PC port of the mobile edition of the game -- but I both expect and want that to change as time goes on. For example, Lua scripting is available, but it is very limited in what you can accomplish - I want to expand it to cover most of the executable. We hope to have some editing guides available soon. Releases will be quick and frequent - no years and years between versions. Monthly might be a good target.

So far, we have sunk over $6,000 into this endeavor without Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or any external funding sources. We run Spaddlewit purely out of our own pockets, and have invested more than 4 years of work to keep it afloat. We're asking for both your help and support. If you can't afford to pay right now, that's fine - we get it. If you give $5 or more, and you receive all game updates for life and special forum access. As development continues, we may decide to raise the price or eliminate getting it for free - but if you've already paid $5, you're locked in. We're also looking at other perks for paid supporters - stay tuned!.

We plan on doing some cool stuff in the future, like being able to view leaderboards on the forum, and who knows what the future holds, but maybe - netplay?

Let us know if you have any questions - this is a big move for us and we're still trying to work out all the kinks. You can also check our our F.A.Q. HERE for some additional details.
If you intend to donate, please use the same e-mail address for your forum account as your Paypal account when registering.
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