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Spaddlewit Inc. was founded by A.J. Freda in 2012. A.J. works collaboratively with Mike Antonakes, a longtime friend and work partner. The dynamic duo have never actually worked at the same table before – A.J. lives with his wife and children in South Florida, and Mike is is a graduate of UOIT's game development program in Ontario, Canada. Nevertheless, they have been working steadily on quality mobile titles since late 2009, and hope to continue producing more in the future!

As independent developers, our goal is to provide uniquely compelling game experiences within the confines of mobile platforms. We don't like to color within the lines - our strengths lie in breaking with conventions, coming up with our own solutions, and just having fun while working, pure and simple. Neither of us would be here if it weren't for the amount of passion we've put into our titles, and the company as a whole.

So far, our creations primarily involve iOS devices, but we have recently been flirting with Android as well. Our long-term company goal is to be as inclusive as possible regarding mobile platform support, so that our titles achieve parity between every major smartphone OS out there.

We consider ourselves living proof that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Who We Are

Mike Antonakes

Mike Antonakes

Design Lead - TraceRace

Lives in Toronto, Ontario. Recent graduate from the gamedev program at UOIT. Photoshop wizard. Brainchild behind TraceRace. Hobbies include piano, photography, and driving A.J. mental with feature requests.

Hates maple syrup.

A.J. Freda

A.J. Freda

Founder, Design Lead - Roly Poly Putt

Lives in St. Petersburg, Florida. Proud father of two. Coding wizard. Brainchild behind Roly Poly Putt. Hobbies include skiing, cartooning, and keeping Mike’s ego in check. Oh, and sending him beach photos in January.

Loves maple syrup.

What’s New


TraceRace: KIDS!

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An Unforgettable Ceremony

I really don’t know what to say, or where to begin…these last few days have been nothing short of surreal. We were humbled to be considered for this event to […]


TraceRace v1.1 is out!

It make take a bit of time for the update to appear in all regions, but nevertheless, version 1.1 is here! Here’s the App Store link: TraceRace :: App Store URL Of […]

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