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The Basics

Trace your way to the top in TraceRace, the simple-yet-deceptively-addicting casual game. Your goal is to outline a series of drawings as accurately as possible, without spending too long on any one of them. You only get one stroke to pull off this feat – no erase ability, no second tries, nothing. If you get an accuracy less than 50%, then you fail the drawing, earning yourself a strike. Three strikes, and it’s game over! Conversely, the greater your accuracy is, the more points you’ll earn. If you do really well, you might even gain some sweet bonuses!

The Game Modes


This is a great game mode to start off on, if you’re new to TraceRace. As you trace, your ink meter will slowly deplete. Complete as many traces as you can while managing your ink level! If your accuracy is high enough, you’ll earn some ink back in the form of bonus ink! How many drawings can you complete?


This fast-paced game mode shakes things up by giving you infinite ink, but providing you with only 2 minutes to trace. Whiz through as many drawings as you can within the time limit!

Multiplayer (Coming Soon!)

Think you’re the best tracer around? Compete against your friends (or enemies) and find out yourself!


The Rest

  • Over 300 Built-In Drawings to Trace – With more coming in free content updates!
  • Three Difficulty Settings – Finding TraceRace a little too easy? Try giving Extreme a runthrough…it lives up to its namesake! Conversely, if you’re having issues getting through some traces, play through a few Beginner rounds to ease up the challenge.
  • Canadian Videogame Awards Finalist – So you know Tracerace has got to be pretty good, right?
  • Completely Free to Play – Don’t want to pay us a cent? You don’t have to! Play as much (or as long) as you please, it’s on the house.
  • In-Game Store – Getting tired of seeing the same drawings? The in-game store comes loaded with 4 additional tracepacks (that’s over 400 drawings!) you can acquire.
  • Lots of Achievements and Leaderboards – including both Game Center and Google Play Games! Challenge your friends online!
  • 12 Custom Backdrops – Can you unlock them all?
  • Universal App – Works on tablets, phones, and everything in-between!
  • Frequent Updates – Expect more features, game modes, drawings, and more as we continue working on TraceRace!
  • Retina-Enabled HD Graphics
  • …and more!

 Get it on Google Play