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Roly Poly Putt

Project description:

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The Basics

Roly Poly Putt is where YOU get to be the ball in a fusion of platforming and golf! You control Roly Poly through myriad of levels spanning 3 diverse landscapes in a game of miniature golf…except YOU are the ball! Maneuver around tight corners, jump over treacherous pits, zip through dark tunnels, and other obstacles by tilting your device to each side. Your goal is to get to the flag at the end of each level with as few strokes as possible, but don’t forget to collect as many sugar cubes along the way as you can!

The Courses

Sowbug Swamp

Welcome to your personal crash course in “Putting Expertise 101”. This is a great place to get your bearings – the obstacle count is low, the levels are smooth and straight-forward, and sugar cubes are everywhere! Don’t expect it to be all sunshine and daisies, however, as there are plenty of surprises hidden around…

Woodlice West

Welcome to the driest desert you’ll ever lay eyes on! I hope you’re not afraid of heights – the canyons in Woodlice West go down quite a ways! It’s up to you to avoid crumbling platforms, traverse rickety bridges, and hold on tight to rope pulleys as you navigate your way around this treacherous canyon. Just…promise me you won’t look down, alright?

Chillbug (Coming Soon!)

Welcome to a winter wonderland, complete with frostbite! This expansive snowscape features some of the more challenging levels this adventure has to offer, complete with overwhelming amounts of ice, devilishly tricky terrain, and heavy layers of snow to keep you stone cold!

Vulgare Fortress (Coming Soon!)

Blazing lava, pesky drawbridges, brain-busting puzzles, medieval weapons…Now how in heaven’s name did Roly end up here? One thing’s for sure: You’d best find your way out, real soon. Those cannonballs don’t look very friendly.

Where no Roly has Putt Before (Coming Soon!)

Congratulations, you’ve made it this far. Now prepare to have everything you’ve just learned be inverted upside-down and backwards. Literally.

The Upgrade Shack

Remember those Sugar Cubes I mentioned earlier? They’re not just for afternoon tea…they are your source of CURRENCY! Collect as many as you can in Roly stages and your Sugar Cube count will continue to increase (don’t forget to do well in the stages, too – you’re awarded cube bonuses based on your performance) more and more. Use your allotment of cubes in the store to buy various addons, included but not limited to:

  • Jump Anywhere – Jump, jump, jump again and again, even in mid-air! use this to help traverse tricky parts of levels and save Roly from going out of bounds. Be careful, you only get a limited quantity of these to use!
  • Shot Adjust – Stuck between a rock and a hard place? Use this powerup to get Roly to shuffle his position slightly in any one of four directions!
  • Mulligans – Ever felt like you really could have done that shot better? Well, with a mulligan, you can forget all about it! Mulligans remove one stroke from your score for that particular level. However, they can only be utilized once per stage, so use them wisely…
  • Unlockable Costumes for Roly
  • …and more!

In addition, should you really be in a rut and need to earn some Sugar Cubes in a hurry, there is an option to purchase an incredibly oversized bulk package of Sugar Cubes for a nominal in-app purchase fee. Everything you see in the Upgrade Shack is acquirable in-game, so long as you have the effort and motivation to rack up your cube count!

 Get it on Google Play