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Creighton NFP Charting

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NOTE: This app is no longer available.

The Basics

Creighton NFP Charting allows you to keep track of your creighton-method NFP chart on your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows 10 devices and PCs!

My wife cannot use the paper charts due to the nature of her job, so I created this app for her. I hope that others also find it useful.

This app replaces or supplements your paper chart. It is not designed to teach you the creighton NFP method, and will not be useful to you unless you have been trained to use this method of tracking your fertility signs.

Free accounts available to instructors upon request.
You can give your instructor access to your chart, and they can apply ‘red pen’ markup!
– Fast, and low battery impact. Recording your signs is a breeze.
– Still works without a cell or WiFi signal. Often there is not a good signal where you are recording your signs!
– View your chart on your device, going as far back as you’d like.
– Have PDFs of charts e-mailed to you that you can then print.
– Share with your spouse! Your data is synchronized in the Cloud and you can use your account on multiple devices. View your chart even when you are apart!
– Free 45 day trial, with low cost afterward (currently as low as 34 cents US per month). You never lose access to data you have already entered.
– Continuous updates and new features added thanks to feedback from users.