One Year of TraceRace

It’s been a year already? Jeez! Feels like yesterday that we were just starting off. It’s amazing to think of all the things that have happened in the last year…interviews with indie game reviewers, exhibiting at game design conventions, and – of course – being a Canadian Videogame Awards finalist. It’s been quite the incredible year for us, and we couldn’t have done it without all you guys. Seriously, thank you all so much a-for-to playin’ our game.

But what of the app itself, you ask?

Part 1: The Update

Well, as October 20th is the official release date of TraceRace, we’ve decided to celebrate twofold: First off, a MAJOR new TraceRace update is on the way! We’ve added loads of new content (new free drawings aplenty!), redesigned the interface for SpeedRun, added in a new backdrop, fixed approximately two zillion bugs, and a bunch of other tweaks and feature additions that we’re super excited to show you guys. Best of all, the release is ready to ship, too! You can look forward to downloading version 1.1 within the month, with any luck.

Don’t believe me when I say how significant this update is? Well, I could list off all of the things we’ve modified, but I figured that showing you would be a lot cooler. Take a look at this:

TraceRace Revision Graph – Initial Release to Version 1.1

(Click to Enlarge)

TR Development Stats

 (Wanna see all the revisions that took place to get here? Check out our other development infographic)

App Store updates are in blue, whereas updates for the Google Play Store are in green.

We will admit that things have slowed down a bit since the post-release flurry of activity in ’13 (burnout is a real thing, who knew?), but the changes we’ve made since that last App Store update in February are some of the biggest we’ve ever made. We practically remade parts of the game! I probably shouldn’t be saying this (sorry, AJ), but we even laid the framework for our next major update…stay tuned?

Part 2: Free Stuff!

That’s not all! On the 20th of October, we’re making a bunch of our in-app purchases completely free of charge for 1 day! The fun begins tomorrow at midnight, so be sure to get all those tracepacks while you can! Don’t miss your chance!

Happy birthday, TraceRace. Here’s to another great year. Now, when was Roly’s birthday again…

; )