LevelUp 2014!

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As it always has been every year, LevelUp Student Showcase was a big success. It was hard not to get caught up in the media fervor and sheer excitement present. There were over 60 games demoed at the event, all with varying styles, genres, and platforms represented. One game tasked you with playing a Street Fighter-esque brawler with randomized “real world” mutations thrown in, adding a party atmosphere. Another was a ridiculously intense space shooter that made use of the Leap Motion for controls. One of my personal favourites was a simple 2D platformer where the background colour would change, and if it matched the colour of a set of platforms, they would cease to exist. Very cool stuff! If it exists, there was probably a game about it, and it was probably present at this event.

What’s LevelUp, you ask? well, perhaps you should have read this post first!

Here’s a few photos from the event. Thank you to everyone who made the effort to come out and support us (you know who you are), we really can’t express our appreciation. To everyone else, I hope these photos give you a taste of the experience. I would highly recommend coming out next year. Doesn’t matter if you’re a game producer or simply a game player, it’s just fun seeing what people come up with.